UK opens its first LGBTQ+ museum

After years in the making, Queer Britain opened its doors this week in King’s Cross, north London. This free museum, the first of its kind in the UK, “comprises four galleries, educational spaces, workshops, and a boutique”, specify the site The Art Newspaper.

Its inauguration coincides with the celebration of 50 years of the first London Gay Pride and crowns “years of effort” of its promoters, observed NBC News.

“There have been several attempts to open museums like this before, but I think the cultural landscape and activism weren’t quite ripe yet”explains Joseph Galliano, founder and director of the museum. “It’s also a long-term job, which requires daily commitment to make it work, and I’ve been doing it for five years”he adds.

Ahead of the presentation of a major exhibition in the summer, which will mix multiple forms of artistic expression within the queer community, the museum presents a selection of photographs exploring the history and diversity of the British LGBTQ + community, from the Victorian era to the present day.

“This temporary exhibition will serve as an introduction to Queer Britain and its mission, showcasing works from the museum’s collection, alongside works already on display in previous exhibitions”Explain NBC News.

As the United States works on its own national LGBTQ museum, slated to open in New York in 2024, Joseph Galliano wants to believe that “we live in a time where queer history and culture is being explored and respected like never before, even by people who don’t consider themselves LGBTQ”.

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