Ukraine "can not" receive Eurovision.  United Kingdom invited to hold 2023 edition

The 2023 edition of Eurovision will not take place in Ukraine. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced this Friday that, due to the Russian invasion of the country, “security guarantees for the Ukrainian broadcaster to host, organize and produce the Eurovision festival, under the ESC laws, cannot be met by UA:PBC”.

With the impossibility of holding the event within the borders of Ukraine, the United Kingdom, runner-up for 2022, was invited to hold the next edition.

Find it online here ➡️ #ESC2023

– EBU (@EBU_HQ) June 17, 2022

“In line with the rules and to ensure the continuity of the event, we will now start discussions with the BBC, as this year’s runner-up, to potentially host Eurovision 2023 in the UK,” the European Broadcasting Union said in a statement.

Although Ukraine does not have the conditions to organize the festival, the EBU admits the intention that “the victory will be reflected in next year’s shows. This will be a priority for us in our discussions with the possible hosts”.

The band “Kalush Orchestra” won the 2022 edition of Eurovision, with the song “Stefania”. The Ukrainian group totaled 631 points and secured the country’s third victory in the contest.

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