Ukraine denounced the Russian attack on a school with refugees

President Volodimir Zelenski assured that a Russian air attack hit a school used as a refuge in eastern Ukraine, leaving 60 dead.. Meanwhile, the Kremlin troops continued their attempt to completely capture the city of Mariupol. On the eve of the commemorations in Moscow of the victory against Nazi Germany, the Ukrainian military of the ultra-nationalist Azov battalion, who remain entrenched in the huge Azovstal steelworksthey assured that they don’t plan to capitulate.

The governor of Lugansk province, one of the two that make up Donbass, said that Russian airstrike set fire to Belogorovka village schooland assured that “there was a total of 90 people” in the place when the bombing took place, of which 27 saved their lives. “I would really like to believe that there are still people who are alive there”Gaidai assured, specifying: “As soon as the bombardment ends, we can start removing the rubble.”

The Belogorovka school occupies an area of ​​300 square meters, next to the House of Culture, and was being used as a refuge by citizens. The attack triggered several fires that the security forces and firefighters took hours to extinguish, which was followed by the collapse of the building’s structure. Rescue teams continued Sunday with the search for the missing in the rubble.

The enemy does not cease its offensive operations in the eastern operational zone to establish total control in the territory of the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson regions, and maintain the land corridor between these territories and occupied Crimea” since 2014, the Ukrainian General Staff on Sunday. According to him, in the Donetsk region, Russian troops continued their operations around Lyman, Popasnyansky, Severodonetsk and Avdiivka, while the situation was “tense” near Moldova.

On the Russian side, the Ministry of Defense claimed Sunday lThe destruction of the “command post of a mechanized brigade” in the Kharkov regionin eastern Ukraine, as well as “the communication center of the Chervonoglinskoye military airfield”, in the Odessa region. So far Russia can only claim complete control of one major city, Kherson..

Evacuated civilians in Mariupol

One day before the annual parade in Moscow to celebrate the victory of the Soviet Union against the Nazis, which is commemorated in Russia every May 9, Russian forces sought to complete the total capture of Mariupol, in Donetsk province. A sprawling steel plant was the only place in the port city or on the shores of the Azov Sea that was not under Russian control.

All the women, children and other elderly civilians who were sheltering in the Azovstal steelworks finished being evacuated on Saturday in a multi-day operation by the UN and the Red Cross in coordination with Russia and Ukraine. Ukrainian fighters that were still inside, sheltered in underground bunkers, they reiterated that they refuse to lay down their arms. The Russian Army keeps the plant surrounded.

“Surrendering is not an option, because Russia is not interested in our lives”Ilya Somoilenko, an intelligence officer with the Azov Battalion, the Ukrainian military unit holding out at the plant, told a video-streamed news conference.

Alert for an “imminent” combat in Transnistria

In parallel, the Ukrainian General Staff warned about what it described as “preparations to enter combat imminently” by armed groups and Russian troops in Transnistria, a separatist territory in neighboring Moldova. The forces concentrated in that territory are “in full preparation” for combat, according to the statement from the General Staff, released by the Unian information portal.

The Ukrainian authorities have been warning for weeks of a possible extension of the conflict towards that pro-Russian territory of Moldova. Unidentified drone attacks on its territory have been reported from Transnistria.

The situation in Transnistria began to become tense at the end of April, after a series of shootings and explosions in government buildings and infrastructure, which according to the authorities came from Ukrainian territory. kyiv claimed it was a “false flag” operation by Russia to blame Ukraine for the attacks, as well as preparations to launch an offensive. In the meantime, Russia described these incidents as an attempt to drag this territory into the armed conflict in Ukraine..

It is estimated that Russia has stationed permanently in Transnistriawith half a million inhabitants, a contingent of about 1,500 troops. Moldova has applied to join the European Union, while Transnistria requests recognition of its independence after passing through Chisinau, the Moldovan capital.

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