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Ukraine waits "historic decision"detainees suspected of the death of a girl in Setúbal and other highlights TSF

Ukraine waits "historic decision"arrested suspected of the death of a girl in Setúbal and other highlights

European leaders meet in Brussels, with the main topic on the agenda being the debate on the candidacy of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine for membership of the European Union.

Charles Michel considers that the European Union is going through a “historic moment in the geopolitical sphere, with important decisions on the candidacy for accession of Ukraine and Moldova and the revitalization of the enlargement process to the Western Balkans”, said the President of the European Council.

In the case of Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor said this Thursday that the EU has a “common task” to make the accession of the Balkan countries to the EU bloc become a reality.

The mayor of Irpin, Oleksandr Markushyn, visited Cascais and, with Carlos Carreiras, will sign a twinning agreement, in which Irpin and Cascais will become “twin” cities. The idea is that the Portuguese city can help the Ukrainian city in terms of reconstruction.

Follow the latest news from the 120th day of the War in Ukraine, up to the minute, on TSF.

The SEF revealed this Thursday that asylum applications in Portugal increased by 53.4% ​​last year compared to 2020, totaling 1,537; 54 victims of human trafficking were reported last year in Portugal, with labor exploitation continuing to have a higher incidence and the foreign population residing in Portugal increased in 2021 for the sixth consecutive year, totaling 698,887 citizens.

The Judiciary Police detained three people “for strong evidence” of the crimes of kidnapping, kidnapping and murder of the three-year-old child who died Monday in Setúbal, a victim of abuse. The detainees are two women and a man-woman who took care of her child, husband and daughter, reveals the Judiciary Police in a statement sent to newsrooms.

The DGS confirmed, this Thursday, 11 more cases of monkeypox in Portugal. In total, 328 cases have been reported so far, with most infections centered in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region, but there are also records of contagions in the North and Algarve regions.

Traces of the polio virus have been found in London’s sewers, the WHO confirmed, after British authorities issued an alert in the UK. “It is important to note that the virus was isolated from environmental samples only – no cases associated with paralysis were detected,” the WHO said in a statement.

São João is back on the streets of Porto. Dancers, balloons, hammers, sardines and fireworks promise to fill the main streets of Porto to, after two atypical years, celebrate the night that will be “decentralized” by three stages.

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