Ukrainian authorities raise the number of children killed in the war to 136

The authorities ukrainian already raise to 136 the number of children killed as a result of the invasion russianwhich began on February 24, while another 199 minors were reportedly injured.

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Most of the victims, whether fatal or injured, have occurred in kyiv, according to data from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office.

This department also puts the number of school or educational buildings attacked by Russian troops at 570, of which 73 have been totally destroyed.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian forces also stated that since the beginning of the invasion, the Russian troops have lost 16,400 soldiers, whether they are dead, wounded or prisoners soldiers.

The Russian military high command reported yesterday, upon terminating the first phase of the military operation in Ukraine to concentrate on Donbas, that the number of dead soldiers in its ranks was 1,351, while the number of wounded stood at 3,825. .

The new figure is almost three times higher than the one offered by the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 2, which amounted to 498 killed in combat.



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