Ukrainian partisans complicate Russian occupation

“111e day of total war against Russia, lists on its website the Ukrainian television channel Apostroff. The occupiers continue to focus their full attention on eastern Ukraine, where fighting continues for Sievierodonetsk and Lyssychansk. The enemy is also active in the direction of Izium, but everywhere it suffers heavy losses.”

In the morning, a missile strike was reported in Odessa. “All the night before, explosions rang out in Kharkiv.” And on the day of June 14, “three Russian Kalibr missiles fired from the Black Sea were shot down”, says the air defense press service.

Occupiers levy taxes

Moreover, the situation in the areas occupied by the Russian army continues to worry the Ukrainian media, which follow what is happening there as closely as possible. For example, recently reports news site Obozrevatelin towns in the Zaporizhia region – only a part of which is occupied – “companies have to pay ‘taxes’ to occupants”.

“The employees and occupants of the Zaporizhia region have announced the introduction of their own corporate taxes from 1er July 2022. Previously they had ‘freed’ local entrepreneurs from having to pay taxes for the state budget of Ukraine.”

“The occupants, continues Obozrevatel, have decided to introduce these measures without waiting for their ‘referendum’ on the attachment of the Zaporizhzhia region to the Russian Federation, which they dream of organizing in 2022.”

Attacks against “collaborators”

The Russian authorities would also caress “the plan to ‘nationalize’ (ie to steal) all the property of the Ukrainian oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk and Ihor Kolomoisky in the Zaporizhia region”. This concerns in particular several steelworks and metallurgical plants.

But the new power is still far from solid in the occupied regions. “In Kherson, unidentified persons blew up the car of the traitor Volodymyr Saldo, named ‘head of the military and civil administration’ by the occupier. He and his guards were apparently in the vehicle at the time of the explosion,” says the daily Ukraina Moloda.

“According to still unconfirmed data, in occupied Kherson, near the building of the regional administration, the service vehicle of the collaborator Saldo exploded, […] he was quickly rushed to the emergency room. Glory to the Ukrainian partisans!” calm Andriy Nemyrovskiy, former MP now engaged in the army. There is always that “the Gauleiter [grade dans l’Allemagne nazie] Saldo immediately released a video in which he denied having been injured.

None the less, estimates on its website the kyiv weekly Novoye Vremiathat the anti-Russian partisan movement is developing in the occupied territories:

“The anti-Russian movement is beginning to gain momentum, and it is already creating conditions of maximum discomfort for Russians trying to impose their control over occupied Ukrainian territories.”

Melitopol, “capital of the resistance”

This is confirmed by specialist in military matters Serhiy Hrabskiy in an interview with Novoye Vremia.

If he remains discreet about the events in the Kherson region – “it’s still very difficult to talk about it, and it doesn’t make sense, because we understand that everything we can say risks being used against our heroes who, over there, are leading a unequal fight” –, on the other hand, he cites the “tremendous examples of victorious acts of the partisans, in the Chernihiv region”, released today.

“In almost every village and commune, many citizens […] did everything to make the enemy feel like on a hot pan in the Chernihiv region. And this situation was a key factor that pushed the enemy to flee as far as possible.”

In other regions, “as in Zaporizhia or in the port of Berdyansk”, there are regular explosions. “In Berdiansk, boats jump with ammunition on board”, elsewhere, informants “direct our artillery systems towards fuel and ammunition stocks”. “We also see posters and slogans in the streets of Melitopol and Kherson. The struggle continues. The enemy already feels in a very uncomfortable situation on our land and this struggle is only getting tougher.”

The Ukrainian partisan movement “increasingly growing in importance, they attack the Russian occupiers from behind. It is for this reason that Melitopol, occupied since the third day of the war, as an important point of the land corridor to Crimea, is already unofficially considered the capital of the resistance”.

A dilemma for the Russians

“The Russians are having a much harder time controlling this city than they had to take it,” concludes Serhiy Hrabskiy.

Difficulties which are likely to quickly become problematic for the Russian army, suggests another analyst, Kyrill Mikhaïlov, of the Conflict Intelligence Teama Russian independent study group specializing in armed conflict, which has left Russia since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

According to Mykhailov, questioned by Novoye Vremia, the Russian forces would indeed lack the means, and above all the manpower necessary to attack in two directions at the same time, in other words, both in the south and in the east:

“When Ukraine launches its major offensive in the south, preparations for which are underway, the Russians will lack the troops both to continue to occupy the much-claimed Kherson and to continue the offensive in Donbass. The Russian Federation will have to choose.”

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