Ukrainians report the liberation of 1,886 villages.  There are still two thousand left, Zelenskyy said
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“In total, there are about 2,000 towns and villages that we still have to liberate and restore,” Zelenskyy said in a speech at a congress of French mayors. “At least dozens of them are completely destroyed after the strikes of the Russian army, for example Mariupol or Volnovach,” the president drew attention to two cities in the Donetsk region.

He accused Russian invasion forces of destroying infrastructure in occupied territories and stealing equipment as they leave the sites.

“To date, 1,886 villages have been de-occupied. Humanitarian staffs have started work in 1,620 liberated municipalities,” Tymoshenko said in the meantime, adding that the work of state and local authorities continues in these municipalities.

The annexed territory is not quite ours, a political scientist admitted on Russian television. The moderator was furious

The war in Ukraine

According to him, gas supply has so far been restored in 1,303 liberated cities and towns, electricity supplies in 1,340 places, and water and sewerage are again available in 1,432 towns. Medical facilities have resumed their activities in 965 exempt locations, the official added. According to him, mobile signal and internet are now fully available in 1190 towns and villages.

The New York Times wrote on Tuesday that Ukraine is conducting a counteroffensive along most of the front line, which it says is 600 kilometers long. The invading Russian forces are mostly on the defensive. However, Russia still occupies approximately one-fifth of Ukraine’s territory, the newspaper pointed out, according to which the Ukrainian army has so far recaptured about 55 percent of the territory that Moscow-sent troops occupied after the start of this year’s invasion.

Russia wants to break the morale of Ukrainian civilians with attacks on infrastructure


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