El Lobo took the lead through Ortegoza from 12 paces.  / Jose Gutierrez (The Andes).

Ulises Ortigoza He left for Córdoba where he is waiting for him workshops to join the team that plays the First of Professional League. He said goodbye to his teammates black and white in the last rehearsal on Thursday and in the last hours he flew to his new destination.

The midfielder of Wolfwith 6 goals in the First Nationalis the second reinforcement of workshops after the return of Julio Buffarini. And, after going back and forth between clubs because he still had a contract until December 31, 2022, he managed to pack his bags to make the jump.

El Lobo took the lead through Ortegoza from 12 paces. / Jose Gutierrez (The Andes). (Jose Gutierrez/)

The 25-year-old footballer started playing football just four years ago. And from one day to the next he became an idol of the Wolfwhich climbed positions to defend its position within the group that would be qualifying for the eighth of the Reduced.

For the last date against Nueva Chicago, he refused to be included, forcing the Mensana leadership to analyze its possibility. And once the transfer to workshopsOrtega left to join the cast of Andres Fassi.

The casualties of the Wolf

The player Tadeo Marchioritrained in the lower ones, renewed his bond with our institution until 2025 and went on loan to Sacachispas for 18 months.

the tall ones

Thomas Aspreaa 27-year-old midfielder from Ferro Carril Oeste, has already sealed his bond with Gimnasia.


Solari: presents a tear and will have 14 days -approximately- of recovery.

carrasco: presents a muscular contracture without injuries.

Giovini: An arthroscopy was performed to clean the cartilage and the torn part of the meniscus was removed. He is with crutches without joint load.

This Saturday, Gymnastics receives Maipú at the Legrotaglie

Gimnasia receives Maipú, this Saturday.

Gymnastics receives Maipú, this Saturday. (Twitter/)

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