UN chief warns that nuclear weapons are a "loaded gun"

“Humanity is playing with a loaded gun”Given the growing potential of a nuclear disasterwarned on Saturday the secretary general of the UN, Anthony Guterresremembering in Hiroshima the 77th anniversary of the first attack with atomic bomb.

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At the annual ceremony, Guterres cited the risk posed by crises in Ukraine, Middle East and the Korean peninsula, when describing the horrors that the Japanese city experienced.

Tens of thousands of people died in this city in the blink of an eye. Women, children and men were incinerated in a hellish fire”, declared.

The survivors carried the “curse of the radioactive legacy” of cancer and other health problems.

Nail 140,000 people died when the United States bombed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.including those who died after the explosion due to radioactive exposure.

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Currently, “Crises with serious nuclear overtones spread rapidly —middle Eastthe Korean peninsula, the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Guterres noted. “Humanity is playing with a loaded gun.”

Before dawn, survivors and relatives They began to congregate in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to leave floral offerings and pray.

A silent prayer was held at 08:15 (23:15 GMT on Friday), when the bomb fell.

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