UN condemns Israel attack on Syrian air terminal

The United Nations Organization (UN) condemned the bombing of the international airport of the Syrian capital, Damascus, perpetrated by Israel on June 10, when it launched a barrage of missiles against that facility from occupied Syrian territory in the Golan Heights. civil.


Syria Halts Airport Operations After Israel Attack

During his daily press conference, the spokesman for the UN Secretary General, Stéphane Dujarric, expressed the concern of the Secretary General, António Guterres, about the attack on the air terminal.

Dujarric stated that “the Secretary-General reminds all concerned that directing attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure is strictly prohibited under international humanitarian law.”

The Tel Aviv raid caused damage to runways, guide lights, the facility lobby and other equipment. All this forced the suspension until further notice of flights to and from that airport.

He added that Guterres “is concerned about what appears to be an escalation of violent action and hostile rhetoric across the region in recent weeks, and warns that the risk of a miscalculation could lead to a broader conflict in an already unstable region.” ”.

The Secretary General also called on the parties involved to act with the utmost restraint and avoid a new escalation, and ratified the UN’s willingness to “help member states resolve their differences through dialogue.”

The Israeli attack on the air terminal occurred at approximately 4:20 am local time, but earlier that day, Tel Aviv launched another rocket barrage on areas south of Damascus. Although the anti-aircraft defense shot down most of the projectiles, the attack caused the death of a civilian and material damage.

The Israeli bombing that day against Syria was condemned in the strongest terms by the Government of that nation and by its counterpart in Russia.

Although Israel does not usually make public comments about these attacks, so far this year it has already carried out 15 such actions, according to international media reports.

Damascus has reiterated that it will not tolerate these actions and that it will respond through the legitimate means at its disposal. In addition, he has criticized the UN for its inaction in the face of these events.

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