UN proposes that the new tourism be more sustainable, resistant and responsible

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A UN report on the Green Economy warns that, if we continue along the same path prior to the pandemic, tourism will generate by 2050 a 154% increase in energy consumption, 131% more greenhouse gas emissions, 152% more water consumption and 251% more solid waste.

The President of the UN Assembly, abdullah shabibexpressed: “We cannot allow this to continue like this”. And, after considering that they should be “more ambitious, more responsible than that”, he warned that “now is the time to transform the sector”.

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Most of the actors in the sector that before the pandemic contributed US$3.5 billion to world GDP consider that it is necessary to take advantage of the pause to make it more sustainable and inclusive.

With 120 million jobs lost during the pandemicthe sector -which previously contributed 4% of world GDP- is the main engine of economic growth and development for most countries, and in particular the least developed.

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According to the UN, for many developing countries – including island states – tourism is the largest source of employment, foreign exchange and tax revenue. And, in the case of smaller countries, it represents the 30% of exportswith peaks of 80%.

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