Paulo Roberto Hans, died at the age of 65.  (Photo: Playback/Facebook)

Hospital da Plástica pointed out that Paulo Roberto Hans, 65, was treated by an “experienced” team

Paulo Roberto Hans, died at the age of 65. (Photo: Playback/Facebook)

In a note released this Saturday (6th), the HPLAS (Plástica Hospital), where businessman Paulo Roberto Hans, 65, underwent surgery 24 hours before his death, regretted the fatality and stressed that the procedure took place within normal limits and without “intercurrences”. ”, from pre-operative to post-operative.

According to the hospital, Paulo underwent plastic surgery on Thursday (4th) after “preoperative examinations, cardiac surgical risk assessment and adequate pre-anesthetic assessment”. The procedure, according to the HPLAS, was performed by a plastic surgeon of “renown, experienced and qualified to perform the procedure and was anesthetized by a highly experienced anesthetist”.

After the plastic surgery, which was uneventful, Paulo was followed up in the post-anesthetic period by “competent anesthesiologists”, he spent the night under the care of the nursing team and evaluations of the hospital physician on duty. “On the day after the procedure, the patient was again evaluated by the plastic surgeon who operated on him, and he was discharged from the hospital feeling well, satisfied with the procedure, with normal vital signs, without complaints and walking normally”, says the hospital’s note.

Hospital da Plástica informs that it learned of the businessman’s death hours after the procedure “before the diagnostic investigations were concluded” at the hospital where he was referred and scored. “We reinforce that hasty conclusions and speculation about the possible cause of death at this time, only causes more pain and suffering to those involved. We reiterate our grief and condolences to family and friends at this sad time.”

Earlier, the SBCP (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery), Mato Grosso do Sul region, also expressed its opinion, which also mourned the death and stated that even following all the protocols required for each case “failures and complications can occur due to foreseen events “.

the case – According to the incident report on the case, after being discharged this Friday (05), Paulo went home to Carandá Bosque, and as soon as he arrived at the apartment he complained of dizziness to his wife. She pulled out a chair for him and when she sat down, he went into cardiac arrest.

The family called an ambulance from Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service), which took him to Unimed Hospital. Doctors performed resuscitation maneuvers for 35 minutes, but without success. The death was found at 15:35 this Friday. The case was registered as a death to be clarified, at Depac (Community Emergency Service) Cepol (Integrated Center for Specialized Police).

The businessman owned the Múltiplos restaurant, a traditional restaurant in Campo Grande for over 20 years. Hans graduated in business administration in 1980 at the Fundação de Estudos Sociais do Paraná, and has developed an extensive career. He was president of Abrasel/MS (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants) between 2003 and 2006, as well as director of the Campo Grande Commercial Association between 2006 and 2007. Paulo Hans leaves his wife Neide, with whom he was married for 42 years. , three children and four grandchildren.

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