Unexpected Income: social organizations carry out a "banner" in support of the project

The militants of these organizations will be concentrated in Rivadavia and Del Barco Centenera; in Lacarra and Ana María Janer; Cabildo and Lacroze; Jujuy and San Juan; and Acevedo and Corrientes of Buenos Aires.

There will also be activities to disseminate this Unexpected Income project in the Plaza Alsina de Avellaneda and in the San Justo shopping center, in the La Matanza district, as indicated by these groups.



Sources from these social organizations related to the national government and the Front for All (FdT) affirmed that the intention is to “prepare the ground” to call for a broad mobilization to attend Plaza Congreso when this project is debated in parliament.

“Yes to the law that captures the Unexpected Income. Let’s pay the internal debt”is the slogan under which these demonstrations, flyers and banners will gather tomorrow.

“Why is it so important to approve the Law that captures unexpected profits? The war in Ukraine caused certain companies, without having increased investment or productivity, to be benefiting extraordinarily from such a dramatic situation,” says one of the flyers that will be released the organizations that declare themselves in favor of the principles of “Land, Roof and Work” proposed by Pope Francis.

“This time, instead of benefiting a few, we need to do something different and build measures that reduce the Internal Debt, equivalent to the social inequalities that grow with each new crisis but benefit those who have the most”they affirm.

“To guarantee the beginning of this new path of hope, the popular movements unite under the slogan ‘Argentina From Below’ to promote measures that make our country grow and reverse the inequalities,” they pointed out.

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