To every action there is a reaction

Like one who knocks on an oak door with a goose quill, so was the call he made Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador so that the dictatorship, sorry, the Cuban revolution reinvents itself.

It seems that someone made the Mexican president see that his romance with the Castro government of Miguel Diaz-Canel It is a more than toxic relationship. Hence, he wanted to cover the file making a timid call for change…instead of proposing the Fourth Transformation of Cuba.

No way to think that the self-proclaimed most humanistic President of Mexico supports a government that openly violates human rights, to the point that it even censors cell phone messages! In addition, of course, that he harasses critics, activists and of course opponents.

We must not forget that, according to Reporters Without Borders, the Cuban regime has the most repressive legislation against the press, even worse than that of North Korea.


By the way, while Lopez Obrador embraced the Cuban dictatorship, Jill Biden and Justin Trudeau surprise visit to Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine, in the midst of incessant Russian attacks. It is not a comparison, it is just a curious fact. Sooo curious.


They say that the priista Adrian Rubalcava she loves these very hot days, because she uncovers herself at the slightest provocation. He did it again in a meeting with the tricolor youths which he turned into a very advanced rally.

The Mayor of Cuajimalpa said very proudly that they will go to CDMX in 2024… but he forgot a little detail: that in the capital the only united opposition works to stop Morena’s steamroller. And it is obvious that in search of the candidacy of the PRI, PAN and PRD coalition there are also characters like Lia Limon, Santiago Taboada and even the senator Xochitl Galvez.

That is why his colleagues from the ++Mayors Union++ do not see with good eyes that Rubalcava It’s been uncovering from now on. They say that no matter how early you get up, you apply earlier.


After the historic triumph of an independent union that defeated the CTM at the General Motors plant in Silao, things are not going as expected.

It turns out the guild that heads Alexandra Morales he filed a summons to strike, but the Labor Court shelved it. The point is that he only has three months left to reach an agreement with the company, because if the certificate of representation expires, another union organization can request a new vote to gain ownership.

And that, at a given moment, could benefit the cetemista deputy Teresa Medina, who is still the leader of a third of the workers at the auto plant. Let’s see if the union renewal doesn’t end up unraveling.

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