Untouchable bonus: banks cannot deduct a penny from Anses' extra payment

highlighting the “food character” who has that money, the Central Bank ordered the banks to “do not make any kind of discounts to the Income Reinforcement bonus” announced in recent days by the Government, consequently emphasizing that entities cannot make any type of debit on those sumseven in the case of operations already arranged by the client with the entity itself or with third parties, such as loan installments granted with or without a discount code, commissions or charges for account services contracted by the beneficiary.

In summary, the sum that Anses has in each case, must reach the pockets of those beneficiaries in full, regardless of those users with the banks and the conditions that govern those accounts.

From that decision of the entity headed by Miguel Pescethe banks “must arbitrate the means so that no discount is applied on the amounts that are credited for the benefits in question” and in the event that they have already debited part of those funds, for whatever reason, “they must also arbitrate the means for the immediate reimbursement of those amounts, even if These will be automatic debit processes that in many entities are linked to the accreditations” that occur.

Make it easy to open free accounts

“On the other hand, we require you to perform the necessary preventive actions in order to facilitate the process of opening free accounts by those beneficiaries who do not have an account opened in their name in which to prove the monetary benefits in question,” said the monetary authority in Communication “B” 12321 published on Friday by the Central Bank.

Likewise, it asked the entities that act as payers of benefits ordered by Anses, that they notify that body of the mechanisms for linking clients in a non-face-to-face manner for its dissemination -by it- to the interested parties.

$18,000 ANSES bonus: how to open a CBU to collect the income booster in May and June

The payment schedule for first installment of $9,000 of the Reinforcement for informal workers, monotributistas A and B and workers of private homes who access the bonus will begin with the DNI ending in 0 on Thursday, May 19 and will continue on business days according to document termination.

In this way, the documents ending in 1 will be charged on Friday the 20th; those ending in 2, on Monday 23; those ending in 3, on Tuesday 24; those ending in 4, on Thursday 26; those ending in 5, on Friday 27; those ending in 6, on Monday 30; those ending in 7, on Tuesday, May 31; those ending in 8, on Wednesday, June 1; and those ending in 9, on Thursday, June 2.

New ANSES bonus: what requirements must monotributistas and informal workers meet to collect it

Meanwhile, retirees and pensioners who receive up to two minimum pensions they are already receiving their $12,000 bonus on their regular payment schedule. For more information about registration, arm yourself with patience and go to www.anses.gob.ar/refuerzo-de-ingresos-para-un-growth-with-inclusion.

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