Unusual: ruling party and opposition fought in the Senate over the alleged "robbery" of a bench

The Senate session to deal with Bill K on the tax on undeclared assets abroad began with a unusual fight between the ruling party and the opposition: the Front of All accused Together for the Change of have taken his seat to an allied senator when she rose to raise the flag.

The alleged victim was the Rioja Clara Vegawho assured that the senator of Together for Change for San Luis, Gabriela Gonzalez RiolloHe had sat down in his place. The fights between the ruling party and the opposition over this issue took at least half an hour of the session that had just begun.

The senator of the K block of Unidad Ciudadana, Anabel Fernandez sagasti, came out in defense of Vega: “Something that did not happen in six years as a senator. I am very ashamed, it is a conflict that we have to resolve over the position of a bench. What a senator stops to raise the flag and another senator takes her seat and desists from handing it over… This doesn’t even happen on the pitch,” he said.

González Riollo defended himself: “This It is not true, there must be dialogue and good practices and it did not happen before the session, when the places in the pews have to be agreed upon. When the truth is lacking, one has to go out and answer”.

According to Together for Change, Clara Vega used a bench this Thursday that she had not occupied in the last Senate sessions.

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