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On the second day of the World Cup in Qatar, the first match puts England and Iran face to face in Group B. The duel has clear favoritism and could be the starting point for a second artillery championship for Harry Kane.

At the UOL News Cupbroadcast by UOL Esporte every day at 9 am (Brasília time), Renato Maurício Prado named the Tottenham player as the favorite to be the top scorer in the World Cup, as happened four years ago in Russia.

“I like England’s attack a lot. Not just Harry Kane, who I think has a great chance of being the top scorer again, even more so with the absence of Benzema. Neymar, don’t listen to me!”, he said.

“Phil Foden, Kane, Sterling… I think England are very interesting, they had a very good Cup qualifier, it was the third best campaign. Although in the Nations League it didn’t go so well”, he said. “I put England on the second shelf of those who will challenge for the title.

World Cup hypocrisies

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RMP also criticized FIFA for FIFA’s ban on wearing the captain’s armband that supported the LGBTQIA+ cause. Football’s top governing body warned that the captain would receive a yellow card for using the prop.

“I find this unbelievable, you know? This World Cup in Qatar brings a lot of hypocrisy. Yesterday, for example, that party, which I thought was even beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful of the World Cup. Here comes all that talk, Morgan Freeman talking about congrats , the devil for four, in one of the countries that least defends equality, that does not respect the human being”, he said.

“Here you go, talk about all that, and today an armband is prohibited. An armband that would honor the LGBTQIA+ community. Look, I think it’s absurd. This Cup is, for me, a well of contradictions”, he completed.

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