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The debut of the Brazilian team in the Qatar World Cup will be against Serbia, next Thursday (24th), at 4 pm (Brasília time). For the former player and commentator Petkovic, the game could end up having some surprise for Tite’s team.

The former player was invited to the UOL News Cupbroadcast on UOL Esporte every day at 9am (Brasília time), and spoke with Renato Maurício Prado and Rafael Oliveira about the moment in Serbian football and the opening match of Group G.

“Anyway, I think this game in Brazil’s debut will be very difficult because Brazil usually doesn’t play very well in its debut. If that happens against Serbia, it could get complicated”, said Pet, who also revealed that he made a bet with Zico for this game.

“We are very hopeful. I think that Serbia is much better than four years ago, in Russia. In several aspects. First, the players are more mature, experienced, they are protagonists in the teams they are playing. They have a coach who already has the World Cup as a player, he was one of the best players in the history of Yugoslavia. A winning coach, with a strong personality, who knows football and has experience as a coach. Different from what happened in the last Cup”, commented the former player.

Without Benzema, France lose favoritism

UOL columnist Renato Maurício Prado analyzed the situation of the current world champion, who will play without striker Karim Benzema, one of the main athletes on the planet.

“It’s a monstrous embezzlement. If you lose the best player in the world this season, I don’t need to say anything more. It will depend a lot on Mbappé, but without Pogba, Kanté and Benzema, there’s no way to fall favoritism”, he said.

“It’s as if Brazil lost Paquetá, Casemiro and Neymar. Can you imagine? It was another team. It’s a problem for France. I take it off the shelf of favorites. For me, it was France, Brazil and Argentina. France, now, it takes a step back because of these embezzlements”, he added.

Pet highlights Serbia’s offensive strength and personality

Petkovic also highlighted the offensive strength and personality of the team commanded by Stojkovic. The former player said that Serbia is not “afraid to face anyone”.

“Serbia showed personality. They’re not afraid to face it. They’re not afraid to lose. That’s a quality you develop during competition. The coach (Stojkovic), who always had personality when he was a player, created a style. He doesn’t have problem facing anyone, even an offensive team like Brazil”, said Pet.

RMP criticizes World Cup opening party

Renato Maurício Prado declared his support for the artists who refused to participate in the opening ceremony of the World Cup, in Qatar. The journalist said that he has “a certain implication” with this type of party at Worlds.

“All the artists who boycotted are absolutely right. I don’t think there could have been a World Cup in Qatar, let alone accepting an opening party. Rod Stewart and Shakira are absolutely right”, said RMP.

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