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On the eve of the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA President Gianni Infantino held a press conference to defend Qatar and the local organization of the tournament. Among the controversial lines, Infantino caused revolt by saying that he felt “gay, immigrant, Qatari, African, Arab” to say that the organization is concerned with diversity.

At the UOL News Sportbroadcast by UOL Esporte every day at 9 am, Walter Casagrande, Renato Maurício Prado and Rafael Oliveira debated the controversy and Casão did not forgive the representative of football’s highest body.

“It was better to remain silent. It is better not to say anything. Why on this issue related to prejudice and human rights, if you are going to try to defend, or transfer, to move from being a defendant, from a country that does not respect human rights, to becoming a victim of prejudice, this is a very absurd question,” he said.

“The question of him saying ‘I’m gay’, ‘I feel like an immigrant’, ‘I feel like a worker’, this or that, is the same thing as any of us here, who are anti-racists, saying that we feel it in the skin how a black person feels when he is attacked for racial injury. We do not feel it in the skin. We are only anti-racist”, he added.

Casão pondered local customs, but emphasized that the role of a host country for the World Cup is to welcome fans from all over the world.

“It is not acceptable, it never was, not respecting human rights. Not respecting women’s rights. Not respecting differences. This is an absurd question here. It is a country where few people live as they do. And it is not It’s the world that has to adapt to this. It’s the host country, which will host the World Cup, that has to make people who arrive feel at ease”, he said.

‘Plan C’ surprises

The Brazilian team leaves today (19) for Qatar and the team’s lineup is still a mystery for the debut. The possibility of the team being formed with Richarlison, Raphinha and Vinícius Júnior among the starters, with Neymar more in the midfield, surprises commentator Rafael Oliveira.

“It surprises me to imagine that this formation has been worked to be the first option”, said Rafael Oliveira

“I imagined Vinícius Júnior being on the bench in his debut, with Paquetá being this midfielder on the left. Also because I think it is quite daring, coming from Tite, this change, and him adopting a system that is circumstantial, a beautiful option that system with more offensive players, but it surprises me that it is a system to start the World Cup. Even more so against the strongest opponent in the group”, he analyzed.

“It’s also not possible to nail anything, as he may just be testing a formation that tested less during the preparation. Brazil arrives at the Cup with three models of lineup. This one, which seemed to me the ‘Plan C’ has been more worked on, but may be because it is the most recent plan,” he added.

to qatar

The Brazilian team left for Qatar this Saturday, leaving the city of Turin, which received five training sessions from Tite’s team at the start of their work with a view to the World Cup.

Reporter Gabriel Carneiro, straight from Turin, told how the preparation period ended in Italy and the departure towards the country of the World Cup.

Neymar makes Brazilian cheer against

The lack of “Cup atmosphere”, was also discussed on the eve of the opening of the World Cup. Renato Maurício Prado said that he knows fans who will stop rooting for the Brazilian team simply because of Neymar’s political position.

“The truth is that the country is broken. The last elections showed, and it’s not just the shirt, that it came to be identified as a political party. But, in addition, some players positioned themselves very clearly in favor of the president who was defeated . Mainly Neymar”, said RMP.

“I know a lot of people who will cheer against Brazil because of Neymar. Which is something I think is unprecedented in the Brazilian national team. Brazilians cheering against their national team because of their greatest star. Why? Because he took a very clear political position and, obviously, that he was not in favor of the same candidate that Neymar is here”, he added.

Who will be the star player?

The Qatar World Cup will be the last for names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Will one of these veterans walk away with the MVP award? Casagrande has his bet

“I put Messi and Mbappé as the two most likely to become the big name in this World Cup. And of those who are stopping, who are possibly playing in the last Cup, Messi is the one who has the most chance of shining.

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