Uruguay found out late that Valverde was on the field
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Photo: Uruguayan National Team/Official Account on Twitter

Uruguay and South Korea registered the fourth match of 0-0 so far in the World Cup. It was a match stuck in the midfield, without clarity facing both goals and with a treatment of the ball that was far from the level of the two teams.

Uruguay, from what was seen, projected its tactical scheme on Luis Suárez and Darwin Núñez, in the first half; and with this and Edinson Cavani in the complementary. However, the lack of depth on the wings prevented clear ball arrivals for these attacking pairs, and as a result they were left without functioning, or in the best of cases without opportunities, not even attempting shots on goal.

South Korea, with a very classy man like Min-Heung So, bet everything on him, but he barely shot at the goal, precisely because of an error in the departure of the opposing goalkeeper, already near the final whistle, when the 90 minute ran.

On the one hand, although the offensive vocation of the duel was not planned as a strategy to wear down the opponent, since what we saw were counterattack attempts, not harassment in the danger zones, neither did the teams on the pitch try anything else. There was only stubbornness to possess the ball, there was no creation, much less the bill for spaces playing without the ball and that made the game boring at times. The luck is that there was only one minute of discount, although in the end there were seven, the truth is that it is not known where that lost time came from.

It seems that the sky blues agreed, late, very late, that they had Federico Valverde on the field, a man who is going through his best football moment, he was an important alternative to say nothing, today the man who can make the Uruguayan claw green again . He was given a ball from more than 30 meters and took paint off the Asian goal post, the only shot between the three posts, of the dense game.

So locked and dense was the duel that, at times, it gave the impression that neither of them wanted to win. In the end, each one leaves with a point, in a group in which you always need to go looking for three, because the parity and strength of Portugal does not give you an opportunity to lose chances, if you want to be in the group stage.

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