US accuses Russians of transferring "the power" thousands of Ukrainians to Russia

The US has accused the Russian army of having “forced” several thousand Ukrainians to Russia since the war began in February, often passing through “filtering camps” where they are subjected to “brutal” treatment.

The Ukrainian government presented the figure of 1.2 million people deported by Moscow to Russia and denounced the existence of Russian “filtering camps”, often in Russian-controlled territories in eastern Ukraine, through which these “deportees” pass. “.

“The United States estimates that Russian forces transferred at least several thousand Ukrainians to these ‘filtering camps’ and moved at least tens of thousands more into Russia or Russian-controlled territories, sometimes without telling them what their ultimate destination was. “, said on Thursday the ambassador of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Michael Carpenter.

In a speech delivered in Vienna, the diplomat said he estimated that from Mariupol, a strategic port city now almost controlled by Russia, Russian forces “forcibly displaced several thousand civilians into Russian territory”.

Carpenter referred to testimonies about the “brutal interrogations”, accompanied by “tortures”, suffered in these “filtering camps”, designed to identify anyone who has “the least allegiance to Ukraine”.

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