Putin compares his actions to those of Peter the Great, architect of the opening to Europe

USA asked this Wednesday China to stop supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine and thus avoid being placed “on the wrong side of history”, after it was reported that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation.

“We are concerned about the alignment of China with Russia”, said a spokesman for US diplomacy in reaction to this call between the two presidents during which Beijing assured Moscow of its support in terms of “sovereignty” and “security”.

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China claims to be neutral, but his demeanor makes it clear that he is still investing in close ties with Russia”, declared the source on condition of anonymity.

“More than three months after the brutal invasion (of Ukraine on February 24) by RussiaChina is still on the side of Russia“, said.

“He continues to spread Russian propaganda around the world. continue to protect Russia in international organizations, evading its responsibilities as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and still denies the existence of the atrocities perpetrated by Russia in Ukrainesuggesting instead that they were staged,” he added.

According to the source, “the countries that choose the side of Vladimir Putin they will inevitably be placed on the wrong side of history. Now is the time for world leaders to speak out against the president’s blatant aggression Putin and support the Ukrainian people.”

The diplomat warned China to refrain from providing any “military aid” to Russia or any “systematic support to evade harsh sanctions” from the West.


Secondly, Biden announced on Wednesday a new shipment of weapons to Ukraineafter a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The shipment, worth $1 billion, includes artillery, anti-ship defense systems, ammunition and advanced missile systems that Ukraine already using said Biden.

“I reaffirmed my commitment that USA will support Ukraine in defense of its democracy and its sovereignty and territorial integrity against unprovoked Russian aggression,” he said. Bidenaccording to a statement.

The president also announced $225 million in humanitarian assistance for Ukraine.

The money will go towards food, clean water, medical supplies and other essential goods.

“The courage, resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people continue to inspire the world,” he said. Biden.

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