US magazine titles in Russia change names

On March 9, i.e. two weeks after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, the large American press group Condé Nast, following a vast movement of Western companies withdrawing from the Russian market, announced the cessation of its activities in Russia and therefore the end of publication of Russian versions of vogue, QG, Tatler or Glamour.

The next day, it was the turn of the American media conglomerate Hearst Corporation to withdraw its license from the Moscow editors of famous magazines Cosmopolitan, Esquire, She, Men’s Health and Harper’s Bazaar.

Two months later, on May 5, Independent Media, the Russian partner of the American group, announced that it was relaunching these publications by changing their name, reports the Russian business daily Vedomosti. Surprisingly, some will retain an English title. Thereby Cosmopolitan bECOMES Voice, Harper’s Bazaar is renamed The Symbol, Men’s Health, Men Today. And the magazine in Russian Popoulyarnaya Mekhanika even becomes TechInsider. The magazine for men Esquire, on the other hand, adopts a title in Russian: Pravila Jisni (“Rules of life”).

As Independent Media points out on his Telegram accountit is planned to keep the editors and most of the teams “creative” of the editorial staff. A “broadening of themes” will also allow you to stay in “a continuous

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