Credit: Playback/Instagram

Ariel Robinson and her adopted daughter, who died in January last year (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Former school teacher Ariel Robinson, 30, has been found guilty of killing her three-year-old adopted daughter at home. She, like her husband Jerry Robinson, was arrested and charged with murder in January last year in the US state of South Carolina. The information is from the American broadcaster Fox.

Robinson became known for winning the culinary reality show ‘Worst Cooks in America’ in 2020 when she won a prize of $25,000. The season of the show, however, was taken from the streaming platform where it was available, as well as from YouTube.

A medical report from Greenville County, South Carolina, states that three-year-old Victoria Rose Smith died from blunt force injuries. She was found unconscious and could not resist due to the beating she suffered.

Ariel’s husband claims that the assaults began after the child vomited on his mother’s dress on the way to church on January 13, 2021.

After four days of trial, the realuty show winner was sentenced to life in prison. The husband is still awaiting the result of the jury, but the penalty may be less because he has admitted guilt for the crime.

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