US rules out Russian use of hypersonic missiles in Odessa

The United States has dismissed the idea that the Russian military used hypersonic missiles in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, which has been under attack in recent days.

“There are no indications of the use of hypersonic missiles in Odessa,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“We have seen hypersonic missiles used in the past to hit buildings, but nothing indicates that they were used in Odessa” recently, he reiterated.

Kirby described Odessa as “solidly under Ukrainian control”, but indicated that there were long-range attacks on the city, “without a clear indication” of the targets or the impact produced.

“It could be that these air strikes are part of this effort to economically limit Odessa’s capacity. But frankly, from a maritime perspective, they already have,” he added.

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