US senators unveil bill to restrict access to firearms

senators Americans unveiled Tuesday a bill to restrict access to firearms, in a bipartisan initiative to contain an epidemic of deadly shootings.

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“This bipartisan gun safety legislation is progress and will save lives. While not all we want, this legislation is urgently needed,” House Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

The group expressed confidence that the text will have enough support among the hundred senators (50 Republicans and 50 Democrats) to reach the hands of President Joe Biden as early as next week.

Lawmakers have labored under pressure for weeks amid renewed attention to gun violence after the killings of 19 children at a school in Texas and 10 African-Americans at a supermarket in New York state, both in May.

The last federal gun control law passed in 1994 prohibited the manufacture of assault rifles and high-capacity chambering for civilian use.

But it expired a decade later, with no new reforms passed, despite the rise in the average number of daily shootings, which this year reaches 11, according to the group Gun Violence Archive.

The bipartisan group of senators agreed to a framework June 12 that includes stronger background checks for gun buyers under 21, and increased resources for programs on mental health and school safety.

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