US will respond 'quickly' if North Korea tests nuclear

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenwarned this Monday that his country will respond “quickly” if North Korea carries out nuclear tests, while urging Pyongyang to come to the negotiating table.

“We are very attentive. We have very close contacts with allies like South Korea, Japan and others so we can respond quickly.” said the head of US diplomacy at a press conference with his South Korean counterpart, Park Jin, at the State Department headquarters in Washington.

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Blinken assured that nuclear tests by Pyongyang would “profoundly destabilizing” for the region and would violate “brazenly” international law, for which the United States is “preparing for any scenario”.

“We urge Correa del Norte to refrain from carrying out destabilizing activities. We call for you to adopt a serious and uninterrupted diplomacy”he expressed.

For his part, Park Jin was convinced that the regime of Kim Jong Un he has “completed its preparations for another nuclear test,” and called for a new United Nations Security Council resolution to respond to this “provocation”.

“Yes North Korea ventures into another nuclear test, that will only intensify international sanctions and isolate North Korea of the international community”, warning.

So far this year, Pyongyang has staged a record volume of missile tests, with 18 in 23 weeks, raising tension on the peninsula to levels not seen since 2017.

Since the conservative Yoon Suk-yeol became president on May 10, who has promised to toughen his stance towards Pyongyang with respect to his predecessor, Moon Jae-in, the allies have begun to deploy more and more military assets in response to North Korean weapons tests.

The United States proposed in May before the Security Council a resolution to increase international sanctions against North Korea before the launch of missiles, but China and Russia used their veto power to prevent it from going ahead.

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