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Valeria Mazza assured that the attack on her son “was a blow to the whole society”

The 20-year-old was admitted to Hospital Universitario Austral on Monday.

valeria mazza indicated that what happened to his son Titian Gravier “It was a punch to the whole society” and asked the authorities to “stop fighting over who has the pen” and to use it “for what people are concerned about.”

It was a blow to the whole society, to all of us who are parents, it is something that cannot happen”, Mazza pointed out, after which she added: “I am not angry, I do not feel like revenge, I feel that it cannot continue to happen”.

The businesswoman also stated: “Since it happened to my son and it had repercussions, let us use it to make it a ‘enough’. It can’t be that we can’t go out to the street in peace, that our children can’t have fun, so we’re not going anywhere.

Stop fighting over who has the pen and use it for what people care about. We have to bury our children so that they realize that this cannot continue to happen,” he asserted, while later saying: “Violence is not responded to with violence, it is responded to with justice.”

Valeria Mazza accompanied her son Tiziano Gravier after surgery for the beating he suffered in Rosario. (@valeriamazzaok/)

What happened to Valeria Mazza’s son?

In a press conference that he gave in front of the Austral University Hospital where Tiziano underwent surgery for an injury to his jaw caused by a blow received at the exit of a nightclub in Rosario, he added: “It cannot be that we are always afraid of looking back, It can’t always be physical and verbal aggression. At some point we have to say enough is enough and start doing things better because that way we are not going anywhere”.

When asked about her son’s health, she stated: “He is improving and will continue his recovery at home. For one more week he will continue with all the medications, painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, and also on Monday he will see the surgeon again to see the issue of the stitches and the evolution of the operation”.

“As a mother, I feel more relieved now that the operation is over and with every hour that passes and I see that it seems that she is better, I feel more relieved and I can’t wait to be all six together at home,” she asserted.

He also said: “We have gone through different stages these days since the initial shock of the call at dawn that gave us notice and that is the ghost that all parents have when our children go out at night. I think we did everything quickly and well by putting ourselves in the hands of the doctors.”

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