The 20-year-old was admitted to Hospital Universitario Austral on Monday.

A little over two weeks ago, someone said “Tincho” to the son of valeria mazza and he punched him in front of a bowling alley in Rosario. A second punch came immediately and he knew his jaw had been broken. “These things happen. I am not the first and unfortunately I don’t think it’s the last”, he stated this Wednesday Titian Gravier.

In his first television interview since he was beaten, the young man commented that he did not even see the person who attacked him without knowing who it was. “I don’t even know how he was dressed. I have a side image, the two boys go to my brother and the only thing I thought about was getting him out of there,” he said.

Tiziano Gravier detailed that “I was already spitting blood” when he fled with Benicio at the intersection of Brown and Avenida Francia to call his parents. In this sense, she asserted: “I knew his jaw was broken.”

Valeria Mazza’s son pointed out that they had not visited the city for three or four years. On the night of Saturday, June 4, he put together a “cousin program” with some of her relatives and they went to dance at the bowling alley located inside Alto Rosario Shopping. After she went to look for some friends with her younger brother in the former Madame complex and then he received the two punches for which he was hospitalized.

The athlete felt that he was “with maximum adrenaline” after the beating, but the situation changed completely when he was told that he was going to be admitted to the British Sanatorium. “It’s terrible because you walk into the room and you feel so vulnerable”, he expressed in dialogue with Channel 13.

“Tincho had never told me”

According to the family’s lawyer and the prosecution’s complaint against the two young detainees, the attack on Tiziano Gravier was an act of discrimination. In this sense, the boy commented: “Tincho had never told me”.

Although he admitted that the case “took a lot of exposure” because of his parents’ fame, Valeria Mazza’s son slipped: “I don’t think they did it because they knew who my parents were. That boy could be anyone”.

Gravier underwent surgery at the Hospital Universitario Austral. (@valeriamazzaok/)

“I had different stages. At first it was total anger. After a bit of anguish because I didn’t quite understand what had happened”, recalled the 20-year-old. In this sense, he explained that he “tried to find a logical explanation for it.”

When he returned home, Tiziano decided that he had to “accept little by little” his “new reality. After surgery for a displaced jaw fracture, he was very difficult to eat, talk and even drink water.

With an eye on the ski slopes

When he was hospitalized, the son of alexander gravier and Valeria Mazza was about to travel to Europe for preseason with the Argentine ski team. Foiled that plan, in the last days was able to start training with non-impact activities and believes that soon he will be able to return to practice.

At this stage, Tiziano is only allowed to use the stationary bike and does core strengthening exercises. Faced with a “quite slow transition”, his goal is to arrive recovered at the preparation that the selection will begin on July 16 in the south of the country.

Gravier already has the tickets to travel to Patagonia and wants to join those two weeks of intensive training. Given the the South American circuit starts on August 5set out to “do the best” to resume activity.

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