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Venezuela and Iran, Anonymous and known, expired vaccines

Venezuela and Iran, Anonymous and known, expired vaccines

Let’s see: 1) Iran wants the destruction of the State of Israel. 2) Venezuela (Nicolás Maduro) strengthens its ties with Iran and has not maintained diplomatic relations with Israel for many years. Both he and Chávez in life are and were clearly Judeophobic. 3) Argentina defends the dictatorship of Venezuela, among others, such as those of Cuba and Nicaragua, at the Summit of the Americas. 4) Iran is accused of being the country that financed and executed the attacks against the AMIA and the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Conclusion: the reader can draw it, applying the law of transitivity (if A=B and B=C, it implies that A=C)

Richard Frohman

DNI 93,746,589

We are witnessing, in this decadent and kidnapped Argentina, an enormous act of hypocrisy and cynicism. Faced with a response from the owner of La Anónima, who did nothing more than reflect reality by stating that in the face of inflation he was raising prices, a national clothing ripping competition. The starting bell was in charge of a person prosecuted several times for corruption and whose assets should be a national scandal, as well as that of his secretaries, drivers and gardeners, among others, and who today holds the position of Vice President of the Nation. Then the stupid labor force joined in, but no less complicit in the economic and labor crisis that we are suffering: the unionism of the CTA. Finally, this parade of people who live off of those who produce is completed by the governor of the province of Tierra del Fuego, who would have ordered not to make any more purchases from La Anónima, a supermarket that has been present and active in our Patagonia since 1908 and employs more than 11,500 workers.

So far, cynicism, those who lie impudently, who live dishonorably and are no longer ashamed of anything. But what hurts the most is seeing the hypocrisy of a part of journalism, one that does know where things are serious and yet gets entangled in the interpretation of the musicians of the Titanic.

Santiago Lucero-Torres

It is not new to point out that the effects of the pandemic will last for several years and that there are particular dramatic and little-known stories. I believe that my parents – who are well over 90 years old – are still alive due to the enormous effort of my sister, who attends to her needs without abandoning her profession or her two small children. My mother is bedridden and after intense efforts, her home vaccination was scheduled for last Wednesday. Personnel from the Ministry of Health attended on the agreed date, and the surprise was that they intended to vaccinate her with a batch expired on 4/30/2022, number 210584, extended by Anmat until 6/30/2022, from the firm AstraZeneca. After some lobbying, we made the decision not to vaccinate my mother and request her rescheduling, since we wonder if anyone can trust the display of an Anmat provision and if it is possible in a serious country to vaccinate a 93-year-old person with an expired dose. Does the health of our elderly matter? The current Argentina is already exhausted.

George D Heuck

DNI 11,938,210

I congratulate the head of government of the city of Buenos Aires for its coherence in defending, not only educational face-to-face teaching – the basis of all effective teaching – but also the correct use of our official language, Spanish. It seems unbelievable that Spanish should be defended in the classroom, and that, instead of ensuring that students master and enjoy the immense wealth of our language (essential for general culture and social and labor insertion), teachers should be compelled to respect the rules of the language, as if this were not a sine qua non condition for transmitting knowledge. The blatant realization that this jargon called “inclusive language” has become a barrier that hinders literacy comes at a good time; especially after the pandemic lapse that has done so much damage to the learning process. Without any linguistic support (other than that of imposing itself vertically), jargon has become fashionable as a code of bluffing and vulgar progressivism, which imposes on the speaker the “obligation” not to seem like a troglodyte if he does not use a “todes”, either it doesn’t appeal to “unxs” (unpronounceable), or it doesn’t refer to “les artistes” (that’s French!).

Beyond any linguistic utopia in which one wants to believe, the real defense of rights and gender identities is not done from magic words, but with active and quantifiable State policies that include society as a whole.

Ezequiel Martin Barakat

DNI 21.460.356

Due to the pandemic, many restaurants and coffee shops were enabled half a street from the street to set up their tables and avoid using the interior space of the premises. I consult Mr. Rodríguez Larreta: is this measure here to stay? There are several problems, an accident can occur with a vehicle that destroys that space; the joint venturers of the first floors of the buildings in which the business operates are affected by the roofing they have done on the sidewalk and the road, degrading the value of their properties and the visible aesthetics of their windows and balconies; in addition to the smells, the shouting of the diners, etc. Added to this are heating devices that are sometimes of doubtful operation and a new restriction on space for traffic and vehicle parking. In some cases, fixed installations of cement or wood, floors on asphalt, etc., have even been made, that is, it seems that they plan to stay with the public space for a long time.

Mr. Rodríguez Larreta, we are tired of paying our taxes to restaurants that on many occasions evade their taxes with total impunity, issuing papers that imitate legal invoices, without any controls on your part or from the AFIP. We would like to know the date on which it will return to normality, ceasing to invoke the pandemic as a hackneyed argument to justify inefficiency in the private and state spheres.

Vicente Married Arroyo

Who invented inclusive language?

“Someone who does not work or study and has plenty of time for this incoherence”- Cesar Capraro

“Inclusive language is knowing sign language”-carmen ramon

“We never speak Spanish well, and now, with the inclusive language, worse”- Ana Ledwij

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