Venezuela captures 2 citizens who tried to "carry out terrorist acts"

The authorities of Venezuela captured, in the state of Táchira (border with Colombia), two citizens who had in their possession “plastic explosive C4″ with which they intended “carry out terrorist acts” in the territory, reported this Saturday the Minister of the Interior and Justice, Remigio Ceballos.

Through his Twitter account, the official identified the two detainees as Venezuelan citizens and assured that they were carrying explosive material. “from Colombiaalthough he did not provide details on the “terrorist acts” which, he assured, they planned.

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“In the preliminary investigation it was discovered that they belong to a terrorist organization directed by Jean Piero Osorio Ruiz, who is in the United States and is a member of an organization called the Liberation-Resistance Movement.”Ceballos detailed.

Later, in a telephone contact with the state channel Venezuelan of Television (VTV), the minister added that, given the facts, “The citizen security organs remain on maximum alert for precise instructions” of the president Nicholas Maduro.

“This explosive material is intended to cause serious damage to human life and also to public property and private property, causing immense damage,” stressed.

Finally, Ceballos urged Venezuelans to offer local authorities “any information” that they can get “on illicit activities, serious crimes and, above all, terrorist activities.”

Earlier, the operational strategic commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Domingo Hernández Lárez, reported that Venezuelan military troops located and destroyed nine “improvised” explosive devices, 24 grenades and 100 meters of detonating cord in Apure state, bordering with Columbia.

“During patrolling FANB locates, deactivates and destroys in the Pueblo Nuevo sector, Apure, 2 improvised explosive devices of 50 kilos, 7 of 4 kilos, 20 MGL (multiple grenade launcher) grenades, 2 of 60 millimeters, 2 FAL rifle , 100 meters of detonating cord, supplies and quartermaster material”, indicated the soldier.

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