Venezuela rejects demand for intrusion into Colombian territory

Venezuela rejected this Saturday the complaint made by the Colombian Ministry of Defense of using the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to violate Colombian air and land space.


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The statement followed a statement from the Colombian border authorities released last Friday to denounce that the FANB crossed the dividing line between the two countries.

“Venezuela ratifies its willingness to protect and comprehensively defend Venezuelan territory and, respectful of International Law, refutes the continuous practice of False Positives,” the Venezuelan Government ratified in this regard.

The alleged activity took place in the village of Francisco de Paula Santander, district of La Gabarra, in the municipality of Tibú, in the department of Norte de Santander.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry was in charge of investigating the demand and verified that it is unfounded.

It also reported that the FANB carried out anti-drug actions on April 26 to destroy illegal crops and drug processing laboratories.

The operation was carried out by the Venezuelan militancy because the Colombian public force was absent at the borders.

It was part of the Catatumbo Lightning Operation 2022, carried out in the José María Semprún municipality, in the northwestern state of Zulia.

Colombia and Venezuela share around 2,200 kilometers of border, but the illegal activity of commercial transfer and drug trafficking motivated in that space by Colombian troops has encouraged disagreements between the two.

President Nicolás Maduro decided to break relations with the Colombian nation in 2019 for allowing opposition leader Juan Guaidó to cross the common border to destabilize the Miraflores government.

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