Venezuelan doctors denounce government persecution

Being a doctor is becoming a risky profession in Venezuela. In the midst of the serious economic crisis that the country is going through, the main associations of the profession denounce the judicial persecution of a government which is relentless against those who dare to reveal a hospital situation on the edge of the abyss.

But faced with the arrests that have taken place in recent days, some have decided to rebel. Thus, the head of the Medical Federation of Venezuela, Douglas León Natera, picked up by the site El Pitazo : “We have an obligation to tell Maduro that we reject the charges against medical personnel in hospitals where the situation is very complex. We demand respect from the medical profession, because we are not mobsters.”

He also submitted a report to the Defender of the People and the General State Prosecutor’s Office on the extremely precarious situation of hospitals during a press conference taken up by most of the media independent or opposed to the government of Nicolás Maduro (not recognized by part of the international community, but which holds the reins of the country).

Because the situation is not new. It is in fact the most recent chapter of a showdown undertaken by the Chavista leader with those he considers

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