stranded.  The Boeing 747 plane was held and without fuel in Ezeiza.

This was confirmed by judicial sources that explained that the measure was carried out as part of the investigation to determine if the reasons why the foreigners arrived in Argentina are indeed the declared ones: transporting a shipment of auto parts.

Villena ordered some 40 test measures since last Monday, including the seizure of documentation, cell phones and laptops from Venezuelans and Iranians. The expertise of these technological elements has already begun and the first results will be in the next few days, the sources assured.


stranded. The Boeing 747 plane was held and without fuel in Ezeiza.

In the tasks that were carried out last night, the judge inspected the interior of the aircraft in search of “traces” of drugs, weapons or other prohibited elements or that were not consistent with the declared objective of the flight. for now, the foreigners are free of any accusation, but the Justice maintains for them the prohibition to leave the country while the investigation is completed.

The objective of the investigators is to “rule out” any link, especially of the Iranians, with international terrorist organizations. The test measures will extend throughout the long weekend.

Israeli concern

The Israeli Embassy in Argentina expressed concern about the retention of the plane and warned about the consolidation of the Revolutionary Guard and the Quds Force in the world and even in South America, as a base for terrorist actions on the continent.

“Given the publicly known facts regarding the landing of a Venezuelan-Iranian plane belonging to an airline sanctioned by the United States, the Embassy of Israel expresses the concern of the State of Israel in this regard”began the message spread in a statement.

He went on to point out the plane and its crew: “This aircraft, which until recently was used by the Iranian company Mahan Air, landed in Argentina with a group of Iranian officials on board, including a senior executive from the Persian airline Qeshm Fars Air.”

The embassy also highlighted the concern of the State of Israel about the activity of the Mahan Air and Qeshm Farns Air companies in Latin America because, according to the text, they are “companies that are dedicated to arms trafficking and the transfer of people and equipment operating for the Quds Force who are sanctioned by the United States for being involved in terrorist activities.”

US concern

The United States ambassador to Argentina expressed himself along the same lines, Marc R Stanley, who maintained that that country is following the investigations with “great interest” and highlighted the “efforts” of local authorities to clarify the case.

“We follow with great interest the judicial and police investigations of the crew and the plane, and we appreciate the investigative efforts of the Argentine authorities to clarify the situation,” Stanley noted through the US Embassy.

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