Veronica Alcocer responded with a trill from Marbelle in which she called her brincona

Verónica Alcocer, the wife of the candidate Gustavo Petro, replied to the message to the Colombian singer Marbelle, who called her “jumpy”.

“Who do you want as first lady? To that great woman, support and complement of the engineer or to the pretentious jumper of Lady Di”, wrote Marbelle on Twitter.

So Petro’s wife replied: «Infulas no. But Lady Di is my inspiration, along with Mother Teresa of Calcutta and First Lady Michelle Obama. Regards, Marbella.

The Colombian singer has been in the eye of the media on several occasions after she attacked political figures in the country, including Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez.

Veronica Alcocer answered a trill from Marbelle in which I call her brincona 2

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