Verstappen won the first Miami Grand Prix in a tough race

The first Miami Grand Prix was a real star parade in the F1 paddock. The street track built around Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium has been committed to Formula 1 for 10 years. The pilots unanimously liked the track’s characteristics after Friday’s free practice. The line-drawing struck with dynamic, long straight lines and tricky bends. The narrow construction of the track carries a huge risk, and the occurrence of the safety car phase also had a significant odd at the bookmakers before the race.

Saturday’s timekeeper seemed to be dominated by Red Bull, yet in Q3 Verstappen missed his last attempt and showing both Ferrari’s brutal pace 1-2. qualified for the position, directing the two Red Bulls behind him. So Charles Leclerc was able to take the lead at the first Miami Grand Prix, alongside teammate Carlos Sainz, and in third place, Max Verstappen could wait for the red lights to go out.

Pirelli, the official tire supplier for F1, delivered the C2-C3-C4 tire mixes to Miami and considered the two-stand strategy ideal for the race. The achilles heel of the Ferrari is clearly the weaker tire handling based on previous races, so for them an SC section could hold great potential.

Charles Leclerc got off to a good start, as did Verstappen. The Dutchman immediately hunted down the other Ferrari in the first corner, Carlos Sainz starting from second place. Hamilton got off to a good start, but Alonso toasted his Mercedes from behind, so the British fell back from sixth to eighth.

The seven-time world champion dictated a good pace, Mercedes’s developments proved effective, and the British managed to regain his sixth position by skipping Gasly and Alons within a few laps.

The Dutchman took a revenge after the slightly ruined timekeeper and, taking advantage of the DRS in the ninth lap, instructed Leclerc behind him, taking the lead in the race.

The Monaco had no answer to overtake, with laps later in the DRS distance from the Dutch world champion, which climbed to 3.5 seconds in lap 18. Sainz was even more behind, nearly 7 seconds behind Verstappen, who was leading the way.

The wheel changes were pulled by the big teams, and Ferrari and Red Bull also played for one show. His race engineer told Leclerc early on to anticipate a standout strategy and save the tires while winning the goal …

Ferrari invited its monaco to change wheels on lap 25, switching from medium to hard. Verstappen drove into the box two laps later, the Dutchman also got tough. The world champion has developed such an advantage that he has managed to return to Pérez, who has not yet completed his wheel change.

On lap 28, Sainz’s wheel change was slightly ruined, and Pérez also stood out at the time, bringing several seconds on the Spanish ferraris pilot.

There was a huge battle in the midfield in the middle of the race. The Norris-Vettel-Schumacher-Magnussen train is formed. Norris preceded Vettel (14th place) and Schumacher Magnussen (12th place).

Alonso overtook Gasly on lap 40. However, the validity of the overtaking was questionable, so the FIA ​​began investigating the case.

Norris and Gasly collided on lap 41, and Norris ’car got a right rear puncture as a result. the rims and brake coolers were also damaged, so the British race was over and a safety car stage ensued.

Taking advantage of the SC section, Russell found out about his mandatory wheel change with almost zero waste of time, the British switched to new mediums and came back in seventh place.

Ten laps left after reboot. Verstappen started well, Sainz less, so Perez almost overtook him at the end of the finish line. Leclerc was not torn off, driving continuously within a second compared to Verstappen.

The two Mercedes also found each other in the final laps, Russell had a rubber advantage over Hamilton, but the seven-time world champion did not easily give up his fifth position.

Leclerc showed a brutal pace in the final laps. Monaco has been constantly chasing the Dutch world champion in the lead. Eventually the overtaking failed, the DRS in Monaco was out of range, so Verstappen won the first Miami Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc finished in second place, followed by Carlos Sainz. The Mercedes are also showing an improving trend, with Russell finishing in fifth and Hamilton in sixth.

After a two-week break, the 2022 season of F1 continues with the Spanish Grand Prix.

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