There is outrage in Valledupar over the death of a puppy that was attacked with a traumatic gun in the Sicarare neighborhood and now its owners are asking for justice.

And it is that according to the owners of the puppy in local media, their pet called ‘Roco’ was in the house, inside the fence and, from one moment to another, they heard the shot.

When they left, the puppy was dying, trying to walk, but falling, so they asked the alleged aggressor what had happened and why he had shot him, the owners say.

According to the dog’s owners, the only thing the alleged aggressor answered was that he had bitten him; however, when asked to show where he had allegedly bitten him, the subject refused.

The puppy was shot in the head

The puppy had to be taken to a veterinarian, as he had a head injury from the gunshot; however, he convulsed several times, vomited, and did not survive.

In social networks they denounce that, apparently, the puppy only barked at the alleged aggressor and that is why he would have shot him, although there is another version and they say that he supposedly approached his terrace and that he was upset; however, it will be the authorities who clarify the case.

For their part, the owners of the puppy have already filed a complaint and are crying out for justice.

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