“Glazing shot in the front leg along the sole pad”, is the verdict of the vet.

It’s been a while between some neighbors in Ter Hagen in Heist-op-den-Berg. The houses in the neighborhood are owned by the social housing company. According to Vanessa Vets, she has been targeted there for a while by a neighbor who does not like her.

“That ranges from minor bullying such as blocking my car, to not cleaning up dog turds that are lying against our garden,” she says. “For three years nothing happened. The woman eventually went to the justice of the peace herself, but I was proved right. Of course I can prove that.”

Skittish and injured

When new neighbors moved across the street, the children of those two neighbors got along quite well, according to Vanessa. According to her, they would have been working with a lead rifle for some time, until she called the police on Wednesday evening. Because the Heist teams were occupied at that time, the Bodukap police zone came to the scene.

Acting chief of police Marc Dondeyne confirms that one of his teams has been sent to Heist. He also says that the weapon was not seized, but was voluntarily handed over by those involved. At the time of the intervention, Vanessa did not report her injured dog Milo. “I had already noticed that he suddenly very skittishly crawled away in our garden, but I did not realize at the time that he was injured,” she says. “When the shots were fired, he had stood with his legs against the tension. That’s probably how it happened.”

graze shot

No targeted shots were reported in Wednesday’s police report. It would be shots in the own garden, but according to Vanessa that is not the case. She took 5-year-old Milo to the vet on Thursday. The animal had to be treated under general anesthesia and will now have to recover from the wound on its leg for a while. “Glancing shot in the front leg along the sole pad”, is the verdict of the vet in black and white. “No sign of a bullet under the skin or in the leg.” Vanessa’s two children are also impressed by the facts.

With the vet’s report in hand, Vanessa will go to the Heist police on Monday to add a complaint to the file. Bodukap’s deputy chief of police emphasizes that further processing of the matter is entirely in Heists’ hands. “Owning a lead rifle is not illegal,” said Dondeyne. “Whether it’s a good idea to let kids play with it in your yard is another matter. I can understand that something like this can cause anxiety in a neighbourhood, apart from the broader context of this dispute, which is completely in the hands of our Heist colleagues.”

“Glazing shot in the front leg along the sole pad”, is the verdict of the vet. © Joren De Weerdt

Shots filmed

To substantiate her claims, Vanessa made several videos of previous conflicts. She also filmed in her own garden on Wednesday. Although you can’t see where the shots are coming from, they can be heard very loud and clear. “It was only after I showed those images to the police on Wednesday that the gun surfaced and was taken away,” she says.

The Heist police confirm that Wednesday’s intervention was done by Bodukap’s colleagues. “We will check this with them early next week,” said police spokesman Jana De Roover. “I can’t confirm the dog’s story for now.” We tried to contact Vanessa’s closest neighbors by phone, but no one answered on Friday afternoon.

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