Vicente Fox asks to legalize all drugs

Leon, Guanajuato.- In interview with Yordi Rosado the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesadawas pronounced in favor of the legalization of all types of drugs.

I totally agree with the freedom of each person to consume what they want, and therefore all drugs should be free of problems”, he expressed at the end of an hour and 20 minute interview with the renowned driver, recorded at the Hacienda de San Cristóbal, San Francisco del Rincón.

-If you believe? And wouldn’t it be dangerous to get me into trouble, death? Yordi told him when Fox declared the above, without any question being asked about it.

“Dangerous is being legalized or not being legalized, and in that case I appeal to the freedom of each individual if they want to screw up and kill themselves by jamming 100 bottles of beer and not consuming them in moderation or if they want to jam cocaine, or jam morphine, in his will and in his decision is what he wants.

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I believe that each person has to take care of themselves and it is not the Government that has to tell us what we have to do or not do. That is why I reject and vomit the authoritarian governments that try to tell us what to do every day, when each person has to have their own project and make decisions freely.”

He mentioned that he has been an activist for the regulation of marijuana for 15 years. And he gave the driver some products (CBD, which is cannabidiol, a natural compound in the cannabis flower) from the shop that her son has in León, “Paradise”.

Vicente Fox: The pension that was taken from him

In another topic, Vicente Fox said that I needed the pension that was taken from the former presidents.

When I finished, the world came crashing down on me, maybe many people don’t believe it, but I didn’t steal a single nail, I didn’t do any business with the government, Marta didn’t even though they put her as a mop, her children and to her, it has been a myth that was generated”, he expressed in the talk in which he shared a jar of beer with the driver and which was broadcast on May 1.

Not having a pension, in addition to not owning the entire ranch as many people believe, he says he has to look for alternatives and get “for the goat.”

At first I charged 200,000 dollars for a one-hour conference, then it was lowered to 100,000 dollars, 50,000, 25,000, then 10,000, today I have to pay for them to give me conferences, “he added.

Vicente Fox spoke of his childhood in the San Cristóbal ranch, of his time at the Coca Cola company where he became General Director in Mexico and Latin America, of his love affair with Marta Sahagún and of anecdotes from the campaign and the Presidency.

Vincent Fox: The Family

The Guanajuato native lamented the little time he shared with his children for politics.

And does it hurt? Yordi Rosado asked him.

“More than pain, it is a feeling that I did not fulfill as a father in that crucial and important stage for them. Today I’m on the run replenishing as much as I can.

“I can’t imagine (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador with his kid how much time he spends with him in the week, it’s complicated. That is why the insistence that they not abandon the family to make money, in the private, and in the public is the same, ”he replied.

What he did do as President was return on Sundays with the family.

Vicente Fox: The coalition that was not

Vicente spoke of theI respected the engineer Cuauhtémoc CárdenasPRD candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in 2000. He recalled that they coincided in a rally in Acapulco and the PRD’s voice “faded” from nerves.

He mentioned that there were very enriching talks with Cárdenas (all at the house of the engineer’s mother) to see which of the two declined in support of the other and thus be able to guarantee victory against the PRI Francisco Labastida Ochoa.

“There were many meetings and it was not possible. Perhaps a stronger majority would have been achieved, I was a minority President, I sent the budget to Congress every year and it did not come out. If we had won together, you would have a majority in the Chambers and in the Presidency. Selfishness won us over, we were not generous, ”he said.

Vicente Fox: Being President

Vicente Fox said that on the day of the election he was not sure he would win.

“(Ernesto) Zedillo, very brave, democratic, sang the ranchera at 8 at night and said ‘Fox won’. Zedillo paid the price, in the PRI they practically evicted him. Then there were three serious meetings for the delivery-reception, to the point, ”he indicated.

He commented that the task of President of the Republic is not so complicated when you have a good team and delegate responsibilities. Although there are issues, such as natural disasters, in which you have to always be there.

“Everyone kills fleas in their own way in the Presidency,” he said.

Of course, he admits, there is a whole court to serve the President and he does not spend a penny.

There are those who ask for whims, I never abused asking for things that did not correspond. For me it was a very normal life, disciplined to fulfill responsibility. López Obrador does not have to put a peso out of his pocket to live. The General Staff paid the bills. You don’t bring a wallet, checkbook, or cash, ”he said.

He recalled the presidential campaign as very fun, “but when you win I even questioned why I got into this, I would have stayed on the ranch.”

To find the best for the cabinet, they hired “headhunters” who presented shortlists for each position, but many did not accept, he said, because the salary was unattractive compared to what they earned in the private sector.

Vicente Fox: Marta, love

About his love relationship with Marta Sahagún, Vicente Fox said that when he won his second campaign for Governor in 1995 and she lost the Mayor’s Office of Celaya, it was that he invited her as Spokesperson for the Government of Guanajuato and from there they did not separate.

When I tell her ‘Marta I’m going for the Presidency’, like three years before the candidacy, I’m going to work from now on, then I left the Government. She said I’m quitting and I’m going too, she also already had the bite of the mosquito of love.

“No one else from the State Government said we are going with you to see how we can help you. He believed in me and I risk everything for me in the adventure”, commented Vicente.

Already installed in Los Pinos days before July 2 (Vicente Fox’s birthday and a year after winning the Presidency) he asked him to marry civilly that day in the cabin where they lived there, they did so at 8 in the morning accompanied by only six people. That day, the President of Spain, José María Aznar, was on an official visit to Mexico.

The religious wedding came later, unplanned, without guests, at the family farm.

Regarding Marta’s role in the Government, she defended that she forged alliances and provided work.

I have no hesitation in saying that Martita did influence and influence many decisions that were made, but she did not make the decisions, in any way. We always enrich the decisions based on the two, ”she opined.

And he concluded that their love and the joint work project “is still going on for a long time.”


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