Every time they ask Governor Diego Sinhue; to the Secretary of Government, Libia García; or Finance, Héctor Salgado; they swear and perjure that the budget for the attention to the victims in Guanajuato is guaranteed, that they don’t rush.


In Guanajuato, a new Victims Law came into force in May, which led to the creation of the State Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Victims, which operates a State Aid Fund and a State Registry of Victims. That’s how it is on paper.


The story that we are publishing today of the pilgrimage of Celeste Nava, a teacher who was the victim of an attempted homicide by her ex-husband, lays bare the state bureaucracy, because one thing is the discourse and another, very different, the reality of the victims in the state.


Do you remember that on January 20 the Municipality carried out the “Participa León” exercise in which it put projects for the seven delegations to citizen consultation and that 15 were selected with an estimated budget of 90 million pesos.


The official report is that 12 have already started between May and June and the three that are missing will kick off in August. All of them will be finished in 2022, except for the paving of Río de los Castillos, which will be ready for January/February 2023.


The paving of Río de Los Castillos in the Cerro Gordo delegation is about to start for 14 million, it is a first stage since the total cost of this project is 52 million (to complete from the La Sardeneta canal to Libramiento Morelos).


The other two works pending to start are: Rehabilitation of the athletics track at the Deportiva de El Coecillo for 8.7 million (in validation process with CODE). And the construction of a park in the Vibar neighborhood for 6.6 million.


The Secretary of Liaison and Attention to the Leonese, led by Daniel Campos, presented this Friday to the Participatory Budget Commission the report on the status of the projects and, so that it does not remain a virtual report, the official proposed to the councilors to carry out in brief a tour for each point.


The secretary of the San Lázaro Health Commission, Éctor Jaime Ramírez, has been denouncing in recent days that the Treasury report as of April reveals an under-exercise of 18,701 million pesos in the health budget. Yesterday he repeated it at the weekly press conference at the Leonese PAN Committee.


He accuses that, of the 59 billion pesos that they had to apply in the first four months, they only exercised over 41 billion, that is, three of each pesos destined to attend to the population without health services, are in the Treasury of the Federation and they may not even be invested in health.


“In a quasi-criminal way, the Government has stopped executing the expenditure in the Health sector that the Chamber approved without precedent,” he accused. This means fewer medicines, health professionals, infrastructure, equipment.


The PAN member says that it is alarming that in four years the Government has not been able to solve the problem of under-exercising in health, which is a frequent practice.


“The Health System is on the verge of a major debacle,” he warned, and said that this is notable given the delay in surgeries, treatments, reduction in transplants.


For the PAN, there is an intention not to use that budget to send it to the President’s priority programs: the Mayan Train or the Dos Bocas Refinery.


The Leonese federal legislator announced that he will make the complaints before the Superior Audit of the Federation to demand that this sub-exercise be constituted as a particular responsibility of the Secretary of Health and the head of the Insabi, for not meeting the goals of an authorized budget and its strategic program.


The Internal Process Commission of the PRI León endorsed the registration of Hilda Ramírez Orozco, and, since there was no other, she is already the elected General Secretary of the León Municipal Committee headed by Juan Pablo López Marún, until February of the following year. A date will be set shortly for the Municipal Political Council to meet and take a protest.


This will be the first step to begin a restructuring of the entire Municipal Committee after, for various reasons, several portfolios were left without heads.

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