Victims of Havana syndrome can receive substantial compensation

The draft is due to years of effort by Congress. Congress passed a law last fall that required the State Department and the CIA to compensate current and former officials, diplomats and intelligence sufferers for a disease known to the government as anomalous health incidents or AHIs. Washington Post.

Despite six years of research, the United States still does not know what causes the syndrome of headaches, vision problems, dizziness, and dullness.

The complaints were first reported by diplomats and intelligence officers serving in the Cuban capital,

but has since occurred on every continent except Antarctica.

The biggest six-figure compensation will go to those who are the biggest victims of the incident, such as falling back in their careers or losing their jobs outright, said those who know the plan, everyone just anonymously because the plan has not yet been officially announced.

U.S. officials have warned that the scope of compensation is not yet final, as State Department regulation is going through the final stage of a review process coordinated by the Office of Administration and Budget, so it may still change.

The CIA earlier this year found that that it is likely that no foreign country is behind a “global campaign that harms U.S. personnel with a gun or mechanism”. This assessment raises doubts about years of speculation that the cause of the health problems is a mysterious energy weapon controlled by Russian or Chinese agents. But in certain cases the energy beam seems to be the most likely explanation for Havana syndrome because there are cases that cannot be explained by anything else.

(Cover photo: Joe Biden, June 23, 2022. Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

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