Victor Hugo was standing outside his house when he was shot by motorcycle gunmen

Penjamo, Guanajuato.- An armed attack was recorded this Saturday afternoon in the municipality of Pénjamoafter two men entered Diego Rivera street, from the Colonia Lindavista and one of them shot his victim while he was standing outside a house.

The attack was recorded at 6:15 in the afternoon, after 911 received the report of a person injured by bullets.

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Municipal police officers and paramedics traveled to Diego Rivera street in an ambulance from the Red Crosswho treated a man between 35 and 40 years old, identified as Victor Hugo.

After receiving first aid, they boarded him in the ambulance and transferred him to a medical center, where his health condition is reported to be delicate.

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According to neighbors, Víctor Hugo was outside a home when two men on a motorcycle entered and one of them shot him.

During the surveys for the Ministerial Police and experts of the State Attorney’s Officewhere Victor Hugo fell wounded, they collected a perceived shell casing and a knife.

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