Vidal denounced in Tierra del Fuego a maneuver by La Cámpora

A couple of months ago the mayor of Ushuaia de The Campora, Walter Vuoto, called for a constitutional convention with the aim of modifying the law and being able to access a third term. Like the mayors of Buenos Aires, although in this case without the need to reform the Constitution of the province, Vuoto called for this Sunday to vote the changes that allow him to try to continue another mandate.

In this frame, Maria Eugenia Vidal traveled to Tierra del Fuego to support the ticket of Together for Change and say “no” to the re-election of the municipal government of Ushuaia. “I come because this list represents what many Argentines expect from politics. A list made up of: merchants, teachers, doctors, people who have never been in politics and who decided to get involved because they feel run over,” he said.

“They feel that it is a city where each councilman has twenty advisers, and that is unjustifiable. A city where there is no tolerance for those who think differently. A city where the municipal public employment plant was doubled, ”he added.

In the same vein, the former governor stated that “what is going to be discussed on Sunday is not how Fueguinos and Ushuaienses have more housing, can pay cheaper rent or have better education conditions, but how the mayor stays longer in power, how controls are weakened, how public spending is increased,” he concluded.

Vidal has been touring the interior since the beginning of the year: he was in Chubut in February, San Juan in March, Neuquén in April and last week in Córdoba, and this week it was the turn of the southernmost province of the country.

Today the deputy has a small team for her trips but she is still in contact with most of the important leaders of Together for Change and with his former ministers.

For example, with Hernán Lacunza, who coordinates part of the economic technical teams of JxC, as well as with Santiago López Medrano or Gustavo Ferrari, from Social Development and Justice, respectively. He also always has a privileged place for Federico Salvai, his right-hand man for many years. However, he broke ties with two men who knew how to trust him: one is provincial senator Joaquín de la Torre, former Buenos Aires government minister, and the other is provincial deputy Fabián Perechodnik, former general secretary.

With De la Torre, the relationship cooled down in 2020, with his departure from power. With Perechodnik it was detonated when the legislator voted in favor of the re re of the mayors.

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