Video: a Buenos Aires deputy put on a mask in full session to claim against "more taxation"

The Buenos Aires deputy of Avanza Libertad, William Castelloa mask was put on in full session in the legislature while the project was debated by the Tax Consensus 2022as a way of ironizing their position “against more taxes” and that they at least “cover their faces”.

Instead of continuing to spend money on masks, I propose to the Governor that he buy masks for othersnot for Avanza Libertad, which does not need them, because we are not going to vote for any tax increase,” Castello said in his speech, and put on the mask.

“Instead of continuing to spend money on these masks that we have been receiving for two years, I propose that you buy some masks directly for the deputies who are going to vote for this robbery. At least so they don’t have to do it in the open“, he added.

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The Fiscal Consensus 2022 was approved

Yesterday, Thursday, May 12, the Legislature of the province of Buenos Aires approved the adherence project to the Fiscal Consensus signed with the national government, sent by the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillo.

The project was first approved by the Chamber of Deputies, where the initiative was supported by the Frente de Todos.

“We joined because it is one more tool that the President has to face the responsibilities of governance, in order to guarantee balanced growth,” said the ruling deputy Débora Indarte, who also stressed that “this Fiscal Consensus, unlike how the debt was taken it was done with the participation of the 23 jurisdictions, except for the City of Buenos Aires”.

The legislator also, in response to the proposals of the opposition, pointed out that this agreement “does not raise taxes, but instead allows governors to cap tax increases“.

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