VIDEO Car collides with a motorcycle that passed the red in Edomex

Mexico state.- A strong collision between a car and a motorcycle left three people injured.

The events were recorded at the intersection of Calzada de las Armas and Echegaray, in it Mexico state, when a motorcycle where three people were traveling ran a red light.

In a video captured by security cameras C5 It is possible to observe that cars and another motorcycle were waiting their turn to cross the avenue.

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However, the driver of a two-wheeler continued on his way without noticing that a white car was approaching.

Halfway through the road, the two vehicles collided, causing the motorcycle crew to fall to the ground.

After the incident and while people were approaching to help the motorcycle passengers, an injured person got up from the floor and approached the white vehicle to claim the driver.

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Accident in Edomex: They criticize the motorcyclist’s claim

The fact was strongly criticized on social networks because, as they mention, despite the fact that it was the motorcyclist’s fault when he passed the red, he decided to claim the driver of the vehicle for the crash.

“Three people on a motorcycle, without a helmet, passing the stop of two traffic lights, and still the one who came back on that motorcycle gets off to claim the motorist,” wrote a user of Twitter.

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according to medium Neverthelessthe three injured, including a minor, were treated at the scene for injuries that are not life-threatening.

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