VIDEO.  Firm Group in crisis?  He sings in the New York subway and even asks for 'cooperacha'

Mexico.- Eduin Caz and Firm Group they gave a big surprise to their followers in New York, Well, they got on a subway car and began to sing as they did in their old days.

Grupo Firme was in New York for the concert they would offer on Saturday at Metlife Stadium, but the day before they decided to surprise their fans.

This was what we used to do, go out to the streets and sing in the trucks or wherever they gave us permission haha. Today we were getting to know the city of New York and we began to sing in the famous subway “, they wrote along with a video.

“PS. Thanks to those who gave us money,” added the group in the Instagram post that achieved more than 600,000 views.

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And it is that in the video of just one minute with 35 seconds, Eduin Caz is seen with the case of an instrument in which people leave him money.

Give him something, let it be seen that they work in New York”, someone is heard yelling while Eduin walks around the car asking for ‘cooperacha’.

Eduin Caz performed one of the band’s biggest hits, the song “Ya supérame”, and since he started with “what part do you not understand when I say no”, subway users began to sing with him.

Eduin Caz performed ‘Ya supérame’ in one of the subway cars in New York. Photo: Instagram

Grupo Firme will give El Grito in Las Vegas

The singer Eduin Caz shared great news on his social networks, it is about his presentation to celebrate the National Holidays in Las Vegas.

In a short video in which the members of the band wear hats and serapes, they made this news known.

Grupo Firme announced that it will be presented on September 15 in Las Vegas. Photo: Instagram

“Family, we are your friends from Grupo Firme, we are very happy because they finally gave us this date, September 15, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Allegiant Stadium.”

In this note:

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