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The development of ‘Masterchef’ gets more and more intense amid the eliminations of the participants in the competition, which saw the recent departure of one of the comedians in the contest.

The truth is that the jurors also play a notable role and are usually protagonists during the tests, as happened with the scare that Chilean Chris Carpentier got from a bomb that exploded during a test.

Now, outside the program, the one who showed a striking facet away from the culinary field was chef Jorge Rausch, who exhibited a striking pleasure from his personal life.

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Jorge Rausch, from ‘Masterchef’: striking pleasure outside the kitchen

The jury of the RCN Channel cooking contest shared a moment of satisfaction in their daily reality through your personal Instagram accountwhere he has more than 1.3 million followers.

“How I like to lift ‘little iron’. Let’s go with everything, don’t mess around, ”the chef wrote, in a publication in which he appeared lifting weights as part of his exercise routine.

Rausch has recognized that he had a significant weight reduction thanks to these physical activities, for which he has joked about his physical structure through social networks.

This was the ‘post’ with which the culinary expert showed his taste for a different facet from the one that has made him famous and with which he can stay in shape.

Instagram @jorge.rausch
Instagram @jorge.rausch

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