VIDEO.  Karol G and Anahí show their affection after singing 'Sálvame' together

Colombia.- Karol G Y Anahí lived an epic moment when the ex RBD got up on stage to sing the theme “Save me”in the concert offered this Saturday by the Colombian in the Mexico City.

As soon as Anahí’s special participation was announced, the public did not stop applauding her, which made the moment more exciting for both artists.

This Saturday, both singers spoke again about their feelings when sharing the stage for the first time, since it was a long-awaited dream of the interpreter of “Bichota”who has always shown his admiration for RBD.

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Karol G used her profile Instagram to express how lucky she feels that, at 11 years old, Anahí agreed to go on stage with her, since she has always refused with other artists.

It was incredible to see how despite the years of absence, you still shine with such intensity, 11 years away from the stage, 11 years of invitations that you rejected because you had other ideals and you accepted mine. Mine! You accepted me and I felt so great and so special! I love you”, begins Karol G in the post.

Anahí and Karol G were more than happy with this special moment. Photo: Special.

Seeing you again before the world, in the midst of tears and so many emotions, only confirmed that although for years they have been beautiful memories, the feelings of an entire generation are still alive, intact.

The Colombian singer-songwriter expressed that sharing the stage with the former RBD not only made her happy, but millions.

My queen Anahí that my eyes saw your return to the stage sharing it with me is something that I will never ever forget and that maybe every time I remember, a little tear will appear again. Having you there did not make me happy only to me; having you there, made millions of us happy today. You and me forever”, finished Karol G on Instagram.

Anahí expressed that it was an honor for her to share that night with Karol G. Photo: Special.

She accepted that she had not posted the video because she wanted to see it as many times as necessary to understand that although it was a moment for everyone, it was hers in particular.

Yes … I’m still crying … I had not posted this video because I wanted to see it as many times as necessary to understand that although it was a moment for everyone and for everyone, that moment was mine too, “Karol G wrote in the post.

Anahí is not far behind and responds to Karol G

Anahí responded immediately to the video that Karol G shared, who points out that she will carry that great moment in her heart forever, since the interpreter of “MOM III” He shared his stage and his audience with her, and that only makes him great.

My heart is going to explode! I cannot express in words what you gave me, the moment that I will carry in my soul forever. You are so great and so unique that you gave me the honor of sharing your stage, your audience,” Anahí replied.

She shared that Karol G’s team is so loving that they made her feel very special.

Your powerful energy that fills the world with light, that’s why you are in that place, because souls like yours deserve the whole world! Infinite thanks! I will never forget this. You and me forever”, concluded Anahí.

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