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Since the new season of ‘La voz kids’ premiered, presenter Laura Acuña has won the affection of viewers and participants for her charisma and kindness with each of the people who pass through the program.

After several episodes aired, Acuña went through the program ‘La Red’ to tell some of the curiosities that are behind the scenes and that very few know.

As indicated by the bumanguesa, clothing, food and religious beliefs are quite important issues to carry out a good role during the recordings.

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One of the most surprising revelations was the one related to the galguerías that he eats during his stay on the recording sets, because, although he shows off an impeccable figure, he sins with various foods.

“I am zero fit. The truth is that I like galguerías. I like to eat a banana with a sandwich and cheese, cheese fingers, empanadas, fritters with a sandwich, which are delicious … it is the weakness of everyone here, ”he told the gossip program.

But not everything was left there, because she confessed that she brought an ‘Air fryer’ to her dressing room to be able to indulge her tastes from time to time and share them with those who visit her.

“I brought an ‘Air fryer’ for the dressing room and I know how to make empanadas, cheese fingers and more things, so I have good neighbors who every time they come there is something to eat or drink. There is always food in this house, like in my mother’s house that whoever arrived had safe food, “he added.

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Finally, he explained that, despite everything he eats, throughout his life he has enjoyed a privileged figure.

“It’s context. I really have always been skinny, never in my life, in 16 years on television, have I been fat. Only in two moments of my life, but it was because of the pregnancies”, she concluded.

Here, the confessions of Laura Acuña:

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