VIDEO Motorcyclist loses control, skids and crashes into a tree, dies instantly

Mexico City. The security cameras of hills avenue managed to capture the tragic moment, when the driver of a motorcycle skids and due to inertia, ends up crashing into a treetries to call for help, but dies almost instantly.

The events were recorded on video and according to, the above occurred on Friday morning, when the driver of the motorcycle was driving through the streets of the Colinas del Sur neighborhood, of the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.

Everything seems to indicate that the motorcyclist was driving at excessive speedwhen when grabbing a curve, he lost control and skidded several meters, but due to the force, the pilot ended up crashing dry against a tree.

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After the strong impact in the middle, in the video you can see how the driver tries to movewhile the motorcycle continues to skid, ending up meters ahead of the accident site.

The images have become viral on social networks, since you can see the exact moment of impact, where the motorcycle rider loses his helmet after crashing into the tree.

For a few seconds, the motorcycle driver can be seen waiting for help and trying to move, but unfortunately, due to heavy blowHe dies a few minutes later.


To the place, elements of several corporations were transferred, being the first to arrive, the paramedicswho could do nothing, because the driver could not resist the strong impact to the middle of his body.

So far, the victim could not be identified, so it is expected that in a couple of hours, the relatives will claim the body.


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